July 11th, 2018

Gareth Southgate: 5 Reasons Why We Love The England Manager

Ok, so not everyone is happy England have got this far in the World Cup but it’s hard to dispute that Southgate has stolen the heart of the nation! The humble waistcoat enthusiast has gone through his fair share of trauma in his England career and has finally found his place in the sun as his young 3-Lions side have defied all expectations and become the fairytale story of this year’s World Cup. Here are 5 reasons why we love Gareth Southgate:

1. Who doesn’t remember that Middlesbrough Cup run!?

Not everyone associated with that Middlesbrough side had the best of times at the helm of the national side…sorry Schteve. Southgate captained Middlesbrough’s amazing run in the UEFA Cup, demolishing teams with Mark Viduka & spear-heading his team’s attack. Sadly, Middlesbrough met Sevilla in the final and took a 5-0 beating.

2. He stood up to Roy Keane, well kind of…

Roy Keane, ex-united hatchet-man and consumer of souls- it comes as a surprise that one dark evening in Manchester he was confronted by Gareth Southgate on the eligibility of Nani’s red card against Real Madrid in the Champions League. Not one for confrontation, Southgate fought his point about the harshness of the referee’s decision while standing firm against the brooding Keane.

3. He has a great sense of humour and loves Pizza.

Albeit some suspect acting, it’s hard not to see the funny side of Southgate’s infamous Pizza Hut. Stuart Pearce, Chris Waddle & Gareth all feature with the England internationals mocking themselves for heart-breaking penalty misses in tournaments past. All the while debating over a delicious deep-pan pizza…all is surely forgiven?

4. Waistcoats are now cool!

Gone are the days of heavy criticism if one of the lads rocks up with a waistcoat and jeans for the monthly team night-out. With ASOS, Next & Topman boasting critical low-levels of stock, there hasn’t been a more fitting time since the 80’s to ditch the jacket and suit up Southgate style.

Piers morgan- gareth soutgate england waistcoat


It is no surprise that Gareth Southgate’s charm lies in his humble and soft-spoken nature. Never one to get caught up in the motions, Southgate oozes calmness, a serenity that has transferred to his players on the pitch. In England’s times of need, his cool head and tactical prowess have been the deciding factor in getting his inexperienced team out of trouble. The nation has recognised Southgate’s courteous manner with the #GarethWould hashtag that has lapped praise on the England manager in hilarious fashion!

gareth would