April 25th, 2019

A Guide to the NFL Draft

The NFL season is well and truly over, with the New England Patriots lifting the Lombardi trophy this past season.

Being a Patriots fan myself, I have been able to see my team lift three Superbowl’s and win that one of a kind Superbowl ring. The Pats are considered the ‘Manchester United’ of the American Footballing world, so yes I have been known to take plenty of stick over the years…

As we are currently in the off-season of the NFL season, that doesn’t mean the action completely stops like in our own Football/Soccer. The Trade Deadline/transfers, Free Agency keep fans entertained and now the attention turns to the NFL draft.

The NFL Draft is the event when all 32 NFL teams get the chance to sign the next best scouted talent, that is coming out of College/University.

There are seven rounds in the draft, where each of the 32 teams get at least one selection in each round. You can trade up, trade down or trade away your pick depending on your personal preference.

The draft allows teams to pick the best young talent available through the college system, and to add talent to their roster. NFL Commissioner Roger Goddell will call out the first round picks.

The team with the worst overall games record from the previous season, will get the first pick and the team with the best record (the Superbowl champions 2019) get the last pick in the first round.

So for example, the Arizona Cardinals had the worst record at 3-13 while the Superbowl champions the Patriots had the best record, winning the most games out of any other team. So the Cardinals will pick first this year and Patriots last.

This years top prospect’s include QB Kyler Murray, DE Nick Bosa, DT Quinnen Williams, DE Josh Allen, DT Ed Oliver and LB Devin White.

Make sure to tune into the NFL Draft tonight on Sky Sports at 12.30am for live coverage!