November 5th, 2018

Can You Guess These Football Statues?

Mo Salah has been immortalized in Statue form after his terrific form since signing from Liverpool.  If you haven’t seen it prior its definitely worth a look.  Here are some of the Best/Worst Football Statues



We all know who this one is.  No not Ian Dowie,  it’s C Ronaldo of course.  This much maligned bust was done in is honour(?) in March 2017.  It was eventually replaced but not after a million or so memes were done in its honour.


A Better Ronaldo Statue?


Answer : C Ronaldo


Any idea who this statue is of?  The kit gives it away to Premier League fans of a certain age.  The Player was commemorated prior to his move to AC Milan where he never quite hit the heights of his Lyon or Chelsea times.


Answer : Michael Essien


One of The World Cups most Famous Moments


This Statue was on display in Paris.  It captures one the World Cup Finals most memorable moments.  After the Italian defender famously told The Worlds Best Player at the time….  Ha Ha I’m not really going to type what he said here.

Answer : Zinedine Zidane & Marco Materazzi



You no the pose don’t you?  This is one of the Premier Leagues most talented goalscorers.  Immortalized in Statue form outside his Clubs Stadium.  The Player scored 175 goals for his English Club and also a further half century for his country.


Answer : Thierry Henry



This Statue was unveiled in 2007, but was quickly replaced in 2008.  Part funded by his clubs fans they weren’t happy at the likeness, especially his Arms and Legs.  In the Words of Dec  “he’s just a tiny man” although he was reffering to Dennis Wise.  This isn’t Dennis Wise.  Ok this ones more difficult so if we say Southampton Player and Manager?

Answer : Ted Bates



Although this isn’t a football statue per se it was erected outside of Craven Cottage.  The fans didn’t like it at all but the Owner was a big fan and this celebrity was supposedly their most famous fan.  Its certainly a bit of a “thriller”.

Answer : Michael Jackson (Fulham)



I thought the statue above was a difficult one to guess but then I maybe don’t know my onions like you do.  Fans of his national team cut the legs off this statue after another failure for them.  Still he has always performed better for the Catalan club he plays for more regularly.  That gave it away didnt it?


Answer : Lionel Messi


Another from outside his clubs ground

The Ground probably gives this one away.  A player as hard as nails and actually looked quite a bit like Jimmy Nail.  Look it up if you’re not aware who he is?  Anyway another London Legend, certainly for fans of his club.


Answer : Tony Adams


This midfielder was an international star and was famed for his flowing locks.  Nicknamed El Pibe (The Kid)  he had a unique style on the pitch aswell as in the hairdressers.


Answer : Carlos Valderrama



Keith Chegwin?  Kevin Keegan?  A Naples legend and an Argentinian one also.  The Trophy in his hands give it away a bit too easily.



Answer : Diego Maradona



We kept you waiting for this one.  A fantastic footballer who is currently one of the best in the World.  We think he looks like one of the Rugrats or another cartoon character here.  Would you be happy if you were him with this likeness?


Answer : Mo Salah



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