November 29th, 2018


Some men are just meant to defy big odds and why Tyson Fury is that man


There’s always been something more special about Heavyweight Boxing than any other weight and the Heavyweight title has always been the most coveted and glamourised in the sport.

The feuds of Ali, Frazier, Foreman and then those of Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis have given us sporting drama and rivalry for the ages and after a lull during the Klitschko era, the emergence of Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder has given life to the division and its arguably the most exciting weight in Boxing with three very different high profile names in the sport.




With the fight set for the early hours in LA, both men put undefeated records on the line for the WBC title. Both men have had very different journeys and despite being two of the most colourful men in the sport, both have very contrasting personas and perhaps even reputations.

With a very feisty final press conference (something all too common in the pantomime WWE era of Boxing) you couldn’t help but feel that there is genuine tension between these two men however. Respect, I am sure yes to a certain degree, but genuine needle between the two which only wettens the appetite for this clash.




Deontay Wilder is 40-0 with a mammoth 39 KOs and possesses enormous power in his right hand, unrivalled power in the Heavyweight division and due to his power has the proverbial “punchers chance” vs any boxer of any era on any planet. His boxing skills and technique has long been critiqued but his offensive power cannot be questioned.
He hasn’t beaten much in terms of top-class reputable fighters so this would represent his biggest career win to date against such an accomplished technician and high profile name such as Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury is 27-0 with 19 KOS and has fought two “journeymen” this year after a long high-profile absence from the sport and looked very lacklustre in the process. His most memorable moment came when he shocked Vladimir Klitschko on away soil
and proved how ring savvy and evasive he can be, he’s also got a good Boxing IQ and will be the cleverer boxer in there, he possesses power but not nearly to the same level or magnitude as Wilder and his jab will be key to any success in Los Angeles.




Like many, I can see one of two outcomes. A devastating Wilder KO, more likely to come in the first 6/7 rounds or a Points Victory for Fury. If Fury can survive 12 rounds, his footwork and technical skills could land him a points victory, but that is a big IF.
I think a very underrated skill of Fury is how his preparations with mind games really stick with his opponents and seeing a reactionary, frisky and ill-tempered Wilder in the build-up means that I think Fury can outsmart his man. Wilder will have to be much more disciplined and calm in the ring if he is to punish Fury and I think the betting value lies with Fury on points. His comeback story is the stuff of legend, all the trials and tribulations from his birth where he was born at only 1lb, to winning the title against the odds against Klitschko, to his well-documented battle with alcohol, drugs and mental health.



Some men are destined for greatness and to inspire and Fury has everything in place to shock the world one more time this coming weekend.