Liverpool PSG Salary Comparison
September 19th, 2018

Liverpool vs PSG: The Ultimate Salary Head-To-Head

Last night’s game between Liverpool vs PSG is just one of the many European fixtures this season peppered with players boasting outrageous salaries. We break down the top five earners from each team and uncover if money really can buy you results.

The Goalkeepers: Alisson vs Buffon

Both goalkeepers were new acquisitions for their respective clubs this season with Buffon being a surprise free-transfer from Juventus. With both teams wanting to sure things up at the back this season, they went all in to get their men. Let’s break down the numbers:

Alisson Becker: £120,000 Per Week / £6M Per Year 

Gianluigi Buffon: £85,000 Per Week / 4.2 M Per Year 

With a £1.8M difference in yearly wages between Becker and Buffon, PSG fans will feel they got a great deal in the Italian shot-stopper. However, with a 15-year age gap, Liverpool shouldn’t have to reinvest between the posts for many years to come.

The Playmakers: Verratti vs Kieta

Ask either set of fans, and they will tell you that both players are worth their weight in gold. Although Kieta is only a recent arrival at Anfield, he has been an instant hit, giving Liverpool that dynamic link-up-play and silky ball skills they so desperately needed in midfield.

Verratti, on the other hand, has been PSG’s prized playmaker over the last number of seasons- it is no wonder the Paris side offered the Italian midfielder a bumper deal to stay at the club until 2021. Here is how the two playmakers matchup on the books:

Naby Keita: £120,000 Per Week / £6.24 M Per Year 

Marco Verratti: £133,000 Per Week / 6.91 M Per Year

Do you feel £870,000 (give or take) is all that separates these two when it comes to their quality on the pitch?

Right Wing: Salah vs Mbappe

Where do you begin with these two? Mo Salah was arguably the best player in Europe last season while teenage sensation, Kilian MBappe stole the show in this year’s World Cup. It’s of no surprise that the two were offered bumper new deals based on their exploits of the previous season. But who takes home the bigger purse?

Mo Salah: £200,000 Per Week / £10.4M Per Year 

Kylian MBappe: £310,780 Per Week / £16.1M Per Year 

A pretty enormous difference between the two, with French teenager raking in £5.7 M more each year! What were you doing at 19, huh?

Left Wing: Neymar vs Mane

Ok, so you probably already know who is going to win this one. The Brazilian maestro holds the record for the highest ever transfer fee of £200M from Barcelona last year- and you can bet with a wage to match.

However, Mane boasts a more humble financial origin, transferring from Southampton to Liverpool for a modest £34M. Let’s take a look at the difference in wages:

Neymar Jr: £444,008 Per Week / £23.1 M Per Year 

Sadio Mane: £90,000 Per Week / £4.68M Per Year 

Hey! At least Sadio is still a multi-millionaire, right? However, Neymar is in a pretty comfy position earning £3,200 an hour. An hour. A bloody fu*king hour…

Strikers: Cavani vs Firmino

And finally, we have the hitmen. Roberto Firmino’s run of form last season resulted in a brand new contract from Liverpool while Cavani had to contend with the competition of new arrival Neymar.

The PSG striker was subsequently offered a cash-bonus to give up taking penalties amid the Brazilian superstar’s request- although that isn’t included in this blog ;). Let’s see how the two forwards go to head-to-head financially:

Edison Cavani: £115,536 Per Week / £6.1 M Per Year 

Roberto Firmino: £180,000 Per Week / £9.36 M Per Year 

Surprisingly, this is the only wage comparison in this list were Liverpool trump PSG. Is Cavani worth £3.25M less than Firmino on the pitch per year?

So, there you have it! As the UK prepares itself for an economic doomsday amid the upcoming horror of Brexit, we can all sleep easy knowing the combined wages of the players above results in just over £93M.

Highly taxed imported goods or banging Champions League football? It’s hard to decide which is worth more.

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