May 13th, 2019

Man City make Premier League history

We all knew that the title race was going to the final stage of the season, that one team would lift the trophy high and proud while another would come away in disappointment.

League leaders Manchester City started the day top of the tree on 95 points with Liverpool behind on 94.

Who would take the upper hand? Who would finally secure the Premier League trophy for the 2019 season?

It was Pep Guardiola’s men who came away with the victory, defeating Brighton 4-1 in a rather convincing scoreline and one that probably shows the mentality of the Man City players, as they fended off challenges to their crown.

This was the first time in a decade that a team has regained the Premier League trophy in a decade, and as Guardiola mentioned probably his best and most satisfying league victory.

City accounted 198 points over two seasons, which is quite remarkable and better than Pep’s record when his great Barcelona side managed a total of 195 over two seasons. You know that team who was once the most feared in the world?

For the second season in a row, City had the most passes, most pass sequences of 10 or more, most pass sequences of 10 or more that ended in a shot, most shots, most shots from inside the box and the most high-quality chances. This resulted in scored the most goals. 

I don’t think we understand how great this Man City team is, just yet anyway. Liverpool put in a huge effort this season and that certainly gave us fans an in-thralling race for the title.

Also for the first time since the 1998/99 season, the Golden Boot has been shared between three players. Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Liverpool duo in Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mane who all equally scored the most goals, all tied on 22.

Four English teams are in the two European finals in the coming weeks and this further backs up how incredible a season the English sides have had.

Who will challenge for City’s crown next season?