April 15th, 2019

Tiger Woods-Greatest Comeback in a Major Ever?

Last night, while I was getting ready for bed and the new week ahead. I flicked on the US Masters on the television, expecting to see a new champion crowned 2019 US Masters champion and wear that famous Green Jacket at August National.

However I wasn’t expecting to see what happened before my eyes. We had Tiger Roll taking all the applauds last Monday morning and now, we have another Tiger.

Tiger Woods ended his long await for a 15th major title by winning at the US Masters in Augusta. He wore the Green Jacket for a fifth time in his career, and won his first major tournament in 11 years. Incredible!

Woods held his nerve down the stretch and pounced on a crucial error from long-time leader Francesco Molinari. Tiger rose to the top of the leaderboard on Sunday afternoon US time, in a moment that finally got the 43-year old’s hands on the gold, that’s has eluted him for a 11 straight years.

Woods has not tasted success at Augusta National since winning a fourth Green Jacket 14 years ago, while defying the critics who suggested he would never add to his tally of 14 major championships. Many wrote the former face of the sport off completely.

Tiger has not had it easy the past decade, issues in his private life, his continuous amount of back injuries, while the game has naturally progressed and evolved have all been something that has been an obstacle for the golfer to overcome.

This is what sport is all about! Moments like this will go down in the history books, and question ‘was this the greatest sporting comeback in a major event? Or even history?’